February 2, 2013

Mafia themed cake

I'm glad that I did not take the safe way and go with my old design for the cake! Being such a nice friend *erhmm*, I promised that I'll make her a special cake! Yeahhhhh. I, myself was excited too because the last fondant cake I did was almost 10 months agoooooo...  I almost couldn't make the cake because the shop near my house ran out of white fondant! *pulls hair* 

The fondant gun turned out quite alright as I molded it by referring to a picture. Here's how the gun looks like. Notice that the surface is rather glossy? Well, it is very very very hard to get nice black fondant from adding colouring into white fondant as it would get too sticky to work with. To get the nice black I wanted, I painted the surface with black colour & vodka. 

I hand painted the leopard prints on the numbering and the cake boarder which took ages since I did 3 tones, black, brown and ivory. It took me 1 hour to just paint the boarder,! My poor neck couldn't take it and it was sooooo sore the next day. The mafia silhouette was craved out but I wasn't neat as it was so hard cutting small details such as the pocket. 

I definitely need to improve on my covering skill!! This is my first time covering a square cake and look at the hideous bumps and the ugly boarder. I had to conceal the ugly boarder by adding fondant to cover it. :( I need to make more fondant cakes!!! Despite staying in the kitchen for hours baking and decorating the cake, it was all worth it after looking at the smiles on my friend's face. :D